European Union and Euro Area seminar series


OECD-France Stratégie Workshop, 5 February 2019
Advancing new tools for the EU budget to foster crisis management and economic convergence, 5 February 2019, OECD, Paris.


Are private risk sharing and structural reforms sufficient to make the EU, and notably the euro area, function adequately?
Is progress in the banking union and ESM sufficient to deal with future crises?
How important is a common fiscal capacity for the stability and sustainability of the euro area? Can the EU budget, and more specifically a euro area budget, foster convergence and work towards an optimal currency area?
Through dynamic discussions and concrete proposals, this workshop will be the opportunity to advance the thinking on the new objectives that the EU budget should develop, in particular in terms of allocation of spending and stabilization capacity. >> Full seminar programme


Session 1
Can the EU respond adequately to the next crisis with its current instruments? Isabel Schnabel (Professor, University of Bonn)
Can the euro area respond adequately to ther next crisis with its current instruments? Rolf Strauch (Chief Economist and Management Board Member, European Stability Mechanism)

Session 2
How can the EU budget be used for stabilization? Laurence Boone (Chief Economist, OECD)
A European Stabilization Function: A difficult debate Carlos Martinez Mongay (Acting Deputy-Director General, DG ECFIN, European Commission)
Fiscal stabilisation in the euro area Mahmood Pradhan (Deputy Director, European Department, IMF)
Should the EU budget be used for stabilization? Roel Beetsma (Member, European Fiscal Board and Professor, University of Amsterdam)

Session 3
Regional convergence and the EU Cohesion Policy Riccardo Crescenzi (Professor, LSE)
Structural Reforms in EMU. National Government perspective Alvaro Nadal (Member, Spanish Congress of Deputies)
EU tools for fostering convergence and resilience Maarten Verwey (Director-General, Structural Reform Support Service, European Commission)
How can the EU favour convergence and benefit from agglomeration? Marketta Henriksson (Head of the Secretariat for EU Affairs, Finnish Ministry of Finance)
How can the EU favour convergence and benefit from agglomeration?  Jeromin Zettelmeyer (Senior Fellow, Peterson Institute for International Economics)

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