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Economic Survey of the Netherlands 2016


Since the 2014 Economic Survey, the authorities have adopted a number of structural reforms, recording the largest increase in the Going for Growth reform responsiveness index in the OECD, the lowest value of the OECD Product Market Regulation indicator, and the 5th best competitiveness position in the latest World Economic Forum ranking. Reform efforts have supported a businessfriendly, competitive and innovative environment, boosting consumer confidence and entrepreneurial spirits.

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The refugee crisis: a challenge but also an opportunity for improving policies to integrate immigrants into the Dutch labour market, blog


OECD Economic Surveys: Netherlands 2016

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The Secretariat’s draft report was prepared for the Committee by Rafal Kierzenkowski, Sanne Zwart and Gabor Fulop under the supervision of Pierre Beynet. Research assistance was provided by Gabor Fulop and Secretarial assistance was provided by Sylvie Ricordeau. The Survey also benefitted from external consultancy work (Aleksandra Paciorek).

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