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Economic Survey of Latvia 2015



Overview of the Economic Survey of Latvia ‌‌‌‌2015 (pdf)

Press release: Reforms can support growth and equity in Latvia

Tackling inequalities and informality is a priority. The tax-benefit system should be made more redistributive and employment friendly. Addressing barriers to competition and skill mismatch is crucial to support productivity growth.

Policy priorities for robust and inclusive growth in Latvia, Presentation at University of Latvia, Riga

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For further information please contact the Latvia Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

The draft report was prepared for the Committee by Caroline Klein and Zuzana Smidova under the supervision of Andreas Wörgötter. It also benefitted from consultancy work by Robert Price. Research assistance was provided by Corinne Chanteloup. Heloise Wickramanayake formatted and produced the layout of the document.

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