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Economic Survey of Denmark 2019


Overview of the Survey in English or Executive Summary in Danish


The Danish economy has been growing above 2% in recent years and the steady expansion is projected to continue. Living standards and wellbeing rank among the highest across OECD countries in most dimensions. Danish firms are close to the technological frontier thanks to digitalisation and favourable business framework conditions. Yet, economic growth has been weaker than in other OECD countries over the past decades and productivity growth has been sluggish, especially in services. 


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OECD Economic Surveys: Denmark 2019


For further information please contact the Denmark Desk at the OECD Economics Department.

This Survey was prepared in the Economics Department by by Mikkel Hermansen, Valentine Millot and Sune Malthe-Thagaard who was seconded from Danmarks Nationalbank, under the supervision of Pierre Beynet, Patrick Lenain, Annabelle Mourougane and Douglas Sutherland. Corinne Chanteloup provided the statistical research assistance and Stephanie Henry provided editorial support. The Survey also benefited from contributions by Christophe André, Thomas Chalaux, Caroline Klein, Valerie Smeets, Donal Smith, and Frederick Warzynski.

Does Denmark need yet another tax reform?


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