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Economic Survey of Denmark 2016



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Recovery underway in Denmark, but reforms needed to maintain high living standards and ensure sustainability of social welfare system, Press Release

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Danes enjoy high living standards and wellbeing, not the least because of the reform willingness of their governments. Yet, the economic recovery has been fragile and GDP per capita is still below its precrisis levels, although Gross National Income has received a boost from favourable term of trade developments. 

OECD Economic Surveys: Denmark 2016

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The Secretariat’s draft report was prepared for the Committee by Ms. Zuzana Smidova, Ms. Caroline Klein and Ms. Louise Aggerstrøm Hansen who was seconded from the Danish Ministry of Finance, under the supervision of Mr. Andreas Wörgötter. Research assistance was provided by Ms. Lutécia Daniel. Ms. Heloise Wickramanayake formatted and produced the layout.


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