Economics Department

Smoothing economic cycles and avoiding crisis


OECD Economics Department working papers on counter-cyclical economic policy


The effects of the recent economic crisis have stretched policy frameworks in many OECD countries to breaking point. How can policy settings be strengthened?  What lessons have been learnt? What policies have increased policy effectiveness, allowed economies to withstand large adverse shocks and prevented the development of large imbalances and asset price misalignments?

760  Counter-cyclical economic policy 

by Douglas Sutherland, Peter Hoeller, Balázs Égert and Oliver Roehn

761  Monetary policy reaction functions in the OECD

By Douglas Sutherland

762  New evidence on the private savings offset and Ricardian equivalence

By Oliver Röhn

763  Fiscal policy reaction to the cycle in the OECD: Pro- or counter-cyclical?

By Balázs Égert

764  Asset prices and real economic activity

By E. Philip Davis

765  Optimal monetary and fiscal stabilisation policies

By Klaus Adam



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