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South Africa - Economic forecast summary (November 2016)


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Economic growth is projected to rebound in 2017 and strengthen further in 2018, driven by household consumption and investment. In particular, the improvement in electricity production removes bottlenecks and should boost confidence and therefore investment, provided that political uncertainties dissipate. Rising production costs, together with the earlier rand appreciation should weigh on exports.

The macroeconomic situation is still difficult as growth is weak and inflation is above the central bank’s target. Falling inflation will create scope to ease monetary policy; however, scope for easing may be limited in the short term as the persistent drought is driving up food prices. Lifting barriers to competition and favouring the development of SMEs could boost productivity, employment and living standards. Unless growth accelerates, however, unemployment and inequality will remain very high.

Fiscal policy is under pressure from the risk of a ratings downgrade. Due to the continued increase of government debt and higher borrowing rates in the context of persistent low growth, South Africa has no fiscal space. The government needs to stick to its consolidation path and improve the effectiveness of spending and investments.



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