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  • 23-June-1998


    Microeconometric Analysis of the Retirement Decision: Italy (Economics Department Working Papers 205)

    This working paper exploits an Italian microeconomic data set to study retirement behaviour of women and men using survival analysis techniques.

  • 23-June-1998

    English, , 324kb

    Macroeconomic Effects of Pension Reforms in the Context of Ageing Populations: Overlapping Generations Model Simulations for 7 OECD Countries (Economics Department Working Paper 201)

    Using overlapping generations (OLG) models calibrated on 7 OECD countries - the United States, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and Sweden - the authors investigate the macroeconomic impact of possible pension reform strategies as populations age.

  • 20-June-1998

    English, , 89kb

    The economics of climate change, EO63 ch.7

    Chapter 7 of the OECD Economic Outlook No. 63. The issue of climate change is the subject of renewed interest, in large part owing to the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol on 10 December 1997.

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  • 17-June-1998

    English, , 73kb

    The influence of emerging market economies on OECD countries' international competitiveness, EO63 ch.8

    OECD Economic Outlook No. 63, Chapter 8. The financial crisis that started in mid-1997 in Southeast Asia has resulted in massive currency depreciations in a number of emerging market economies in Asia.

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  • 17-June-1998

    English, , 101kb

    The retirement decision, EO68 ch.6

    Chapter 6 of the OECD Economic Outlook No. 63 (June 1988). Declining birth rates and increasing longevity have produced a significant increase in the share of elderly in the population of most OECD countries over the past three decades.

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  • 17-June-1998

    English, , 82kb

    Implementing the OECD jobs strategy: progress report, EO63 ch.5

    The OECD Jobs Strategy has been articulated around ten broad orientations for macroeconomic and structural policy which together form a comprehensive blueprint for action to create more jobs and reduce unemployment, and to increase standards of living and strengthen social cohesion.

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  • 17-June-1998

    English, , 91kb

    Forces shaping tax policy

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  • 9-January-1998

    English, , 151kb

    NAIRU - Incomes Policy and Inflation (Economics Department Working Paper 187)

    This working paper looks at the evidence of changes in the bargaining structure stemming from the incomes policies agreements, discusses their possible long-run impact in terms of NAIRU and features of the inflationary process, and more.

  • 15-December-1995

    English, , 687kb

  • 18-June-1995

    English, , 1,968kb

    Turning points in the international business cycle: an analysis fo the OECD leading indicators for the G-7 countries

    How good are OECD leading indicators at predicting turning points? OECD Economic Studies No. 24.

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