Monetary and financial issues

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  • Economic Survey of Japan 2015 OECD対日審査報告書2015年版

    In 2013, the Bank of Japan launched “quantitative and qualitative easing” to achieve the 2% inflation target and pledged to continue it until inflation is sustainably at that level. The new policy led to lower interest rates and a weaker yen.

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  • Economic Survey of France 2015

    The banking system seems sound. It remains able to finance businesses. The demand for credit seems to be largely satisfied, even for small and medium enterprises.

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  • Economic Survey of Sweden 2015

    Monetary policy is set to remain accommodative to ward off risks of deflation and lift inflation towards target. Macro-prudential policy is being reinforced to prevent the build-up of financial imbalances, not least an unsustainable increase in household debt, as interest rates stay low.

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