Labour markets, human capital and inequality

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  • Economic Survey of Sweden 2015

    Poor educational outcomes are linked to low attractiveness of the teaching profession, deficiencies in teacher education and a lack of support for struggling students. Limited labour market flexibility hampers access to jobs for young people with low qualifications and immigrants, although temporary contracts are a stepping stone into the labour market.

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  • Economic Survey of Luxembourg 2015

    Economic diversification and resilience would gain from raising female labour force participation, and less grade repetition, more school autonomy and better quality monitoring in secondary education.

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  • Economic Survey of Indonesia 2015

    Labour market informality is high and needs to be tackled by reducing rigidities in the formal sector, and by enhancing the effectiveness of the tax-transfer system for poverty alleviation and channelling other social benefits. More effort is required to improve education access and outcomes, including teacher assessments and professional development.

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