Productivity and long term growth

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  • Economic Survey of Japan 2015 OECD対日審査報告書2015年版

    Labour productivity in Japan has remained around a quarter below the top half of OECD countries during the past 25 years. Boosting labour productivity growth requires a number of reforms to strengthen competition and promote innovation.

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  • Economic Survey of France 2015

    France faces serious long-term challenges. More durable and inclusive growth requires reducing public spending, improving the functioning of the labour market, developing skills and increasing competition.

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  • Economic Survey of Sweden 2015

    In recent years, productivity growth, which is key to sustaining competitiveness and high employment, has slowed. This reflects cyclical but also structural factors, and calls for a focused effort to formulate and implement policies appropriate for Sweden.

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Economic Policy Reforms: Going for Growth

‌‌‌This year’s report launched on the first day of the G20 finance ministers’ meeting in Istanbul, Turkey. It identifies and assesses progress that countries have made on key reforms to boost long-term growth, improve competitiveness and productivity and create jobs.

Do environmental policies matter for productivity growth?

This study presents new evidence on the role of environmental policies - stringency, as well as design and implementation features - for productivity growth.


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