Development finance statistics

Statistical output - What do we do with our data?


DAC statistics are the definitive source of comparable data on aid and other resource flows to developing countries. They are a core component of quantitative and qualitative analyses produced by the DAC Secretariat, including:


> Aid at a glance (by donor, recipient and region);


International Development Statistics online databases;


> Statistics on resource flows to developing countries (also known as the Statistical Annex of the Development Co-operation Report);


> Geographic Distribution of Financial Flows to Developing Countries;


> DAC Report on Multilateral Aid


Transparency ;


> Aid Fragmentation; 


> DAC Survey on Donors' Forward Spending Plans;


> Country Programmable Aid (CPA);


> Sectoral analysis of aid including aid in Support of EnvironmentGender Equality, Aid for Trade, etc.;


> Contributions to DAC Peer Reviews, DAC International Network on Conflict and Fragility (INCAF), DAC Network on Gender Equality (GENDERNET) and other DAC workstreams.