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Here we have brought together all of our help and guidance resources. First, we have three pages that provide introductions to aid (Official Development Assistance, ODA) as well as other forms of financing for development; then you will find traditional help resources such as a comprehensive FAQ, a site map and glossary; and finally resources for users wanting to learn how to explore our databases.  Should you have further questions, please write to

1. Introductory pages

Development finance statistics

Resource flows beyond ODA in DAC statistics

Financing for sustainable development

2. FAQ, site map and glossary:

Development finance statistics based on questions emailed in by site users covering:

  1. Introductory questions
  2. Donors and flows
  3. Statistical terms and reporting issues
  4. More about our data and online databases  

Aid statistics site map of main content by topic and level of detail. Includes filter function to suggest related content of interest to different users.

Glossary of key statistical terms and concepts used in DAC statistics.

3. Resources for users of the International Development Statistics online databases (IDS online)

The aid statistics database contains a wealth of data and is accessible through two powerful interfaces: the Query Wizard for International Development Statistics (QWIDS) and the OECD.Stat web platform.


The easiest way to search our databases as it automatically selects the most appropriate dataset to match your search. 


The OECD's data warehouse. Access is recommended for users familiar with the content of individual DAC and CRS datasets.

It is highly recommended that users familiarise themselves with the functions of the interfaces and, particullay before using OECD.Stat, before they commence searching for data.

QWIDS help page includes:

  • Introductory video (6:48)
  • Guide to homescreen functions
  • Hints and tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions 

OECD.Stat help page includes:

  • Guide to DAC tables in OECD.Stat
  • OECD.Stat guide to homescreen functions
  • Hints and tips

See also International Development Statistics Online databases overview.

Open QWIDS Open OECD.Stat