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  • 17-December-2015



    Transparency has been pushed to the top of the global agenda. The DAC's mandate to further the understanding of development finance, strengthen aid delivery, improve development policy and build partnerships for development is both complimentary to and a crucial part of the success of the global transparency agenda.

  • 11-December-2015


    Resource flows beyond ODA in DAC statistics

    Since the Monterrey Consensus in 2002, discussions on external resources for development have increasingly paid attention to broad development finance, rather than focusing on ODA. In this context, the DAC is working to enhance its statistics on resource flows to developing countries beyond ODA

  • 2-December-2015


    Development finance statistics data sets in OECD.Stat

    You can search, display and export DAC Aid Statistics directly in Aid related data sets can be found under Themes/Development.

  • 23-September-2015


    Broader development finance from the United Arab Emirates

    To get a better overview of all its official support for development, the UAE has completed a pilot exercise with the OECD. This pilot will also contribute to the current discussion on what a broader measure of international development finance should look like. Such a measure should incentivise public financing in support of the SDGs and mobilise private resources for that purpose.

  • 12-June-2015


  • 22-May-2015


    OECD methodology for calculating imputed multilateral ODA

    DAC statistics are primarily designed to measure donor effort. The following note describes the OECD DAC’s methodology for calculating imputed multilateral flows, that is imputing aid by multilateral bodies back to the funders of these bodies so that total donor outflows that can be assigned to an individual recipient.

  • 19-May-2015


    History of DAC Lists of aid recipient countries

    The DAC List of ODA Recipients is designed for statistical purposes. It helps to measure and classify aid and other resource flows originating in donor countries.

    Related Documents
  • 18-May-2015


    Information note on the procedure for proposals for changes to the List of ODA-eligible international organisations

    Information note on the procedure for proposals for changes to the List of ODA-eligible international organisations

  • 15-April-2015


    Development co-operation by countries beyond the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

    Countries beyond the DAC provided at least USD 23.5 million, or 13%, of the global total of development co-operation in 2013, according to the OECD, showing that 8 out of the 30 largest bilateral providers of development co-operation are not members of the DAC.

  • 25-February-2015


    Non-ODA flows to developing countries: Innovative financing for development

    Innovative financing for development refers to initiatives that aim to raise new funds for development, or optimise the use of traditional funding sources. They aim to narrow the gap between the resources needed to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, and the resources actually available.

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