• 22-January-2010


    ICTs for Development - Improving Policy Coherence

    Information communication technologies (ICTs) are crucial to reducing poverty, improving access to health and education services and creating new sources of income and employment for the poor. Being able to access and use ICTs has become a major factor in driving competitiveness, economic growth and social development. In the last decade, ICTs, particularly mobile phones, have also opened up new channels for the free flow of ideas and opinions, thereby promoting democracy and human rights.

    The OECD and infoDev joined forces at a workshop on 10-11 September 2009 to examine some of the main challenges in reducing the discrepancies in access to ICTs and use of ICTs between developing countries. The workshop discussed best practices for more coherent and collaborative approaches in support of poverty reduction and meeting the Millennium Development Goals.

    There is much work to be done on improving policy coherence and there is a need to engage more actively with partner countries. Making the most of ICTs requires that they are seen as part of innovation for development, rather than just another development tool.

    This publication examines access to ICTs, as a precondition to their use; broadband Internet access and governments' role in making it available; developments in mobile payments; ICT security issues; ICTs for improving environmental performance; and the relative priority of ICTs in education. 

    For more information

    The OECD/infoDev workshop on ICTs for Development:

    OECD work on Policy Coherence for Development:


  • 15-January-2010


    Creditor Reporting System 2009: Aid Activities in Support of Agriculture

    This publication presents comprehensive statistics on aid flows to agriculture. The analysis covers the years 2002-2007, including trends in donors’ aid, geographical focus of flows, and a broader picture of donors’ short and long term interventions to address food security issues.

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  • 11-January-2010

    English, , 1,084kb

    Policy Coherence in the Application of Information and Communication Technologies for Development

    extract from forthcoming infoDev/ OECD publication on ICTs for development

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  • 4-December-2009


    India - Investment Policy Review - OECD

    The Investment Policy Review of India charts India's progress in developing an effective policy framework to promote investment for development, especially since the acceleration of economic reform from 1991 onward. It focuses on policies towards investment, trade, competition and other elements of the business environment. Finally, it outlines some of the challenges of implementing national-level reforms at state level.

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  • 4-December-2009


    OECD-India co-operation in the field of international investment

    The first OECD investment policy review of India is a landmark in the growing co-operation and enhanced engagement between India and the OECD. While the OECD is responsible for its contents, India participated wholeheartedly in the preparatory work at many levels of government and over the whole period from conception to completion.

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  • 3-December-2009


    Contracting Out Government Functions and Services - Emerging Lessons from Post-Conflict and Fragile Situations

    This second volume of the Partnership for Democratic Governance Series investigates whether ‘contracting out’ core government functions and services has been conducive to capacity development. Each case study discusses the evidence and emerging lessons of contracting out in fragile and post-conflict situations.

    The chapters contained in this publication first appeared as contributions to the Partnership for Democratic Governance's collaborative online platform, PDF Online. Through this platform, users are able to post comments on discussion papers, send messages to the authors and easily find ifnormation relevant to the topics covered in this publication. To join the PDG Online Community, please visit

    Selected as a 2009 Notable Document by the American Library Association Government Documents Round Table.

  • 24-November-2009


    Italy - OECD Peer Review of Development Co-operation, 2014

    Italian Official Development assistance, or ODA, decreased steadily between 2008 and 2012, due in part to pressures from the economic crisis, but it rose in 2013.

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  • 17-November-2009


    Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation: Policy Guidance

    The negative impacts of climate change will hit poor people and poor countries disproportionately, and further compromise the achievement of their development objectives. Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into Development Co-operation provides essential information and advice on how to facilitate the integration of adaptation into development processes. The objectives of this policy guidance are to: i) promote understanding of the implications of climate change on development practice and the associated need to mainstream climate adaptation in development co-operation agencies and partner  countries; ii) identify appropriate approaches for integrating climate change adaptation into development policies at national, sectoral and project levels and in urban and rural contexts; and iii) identify practical ways for donors to support developing country partners in their efforts to reduce their vulnerability to climate variability and climate change. While efforts to integrate climate change adaptation will be led by developing country partners, international donors have a critical role to play in supporting such efforts.
  • 11-November-2009

    English, , 1,793kb

    Africa - mobilising financial resources - boosting energy investment and carbon finance

    These papers on taxation for investment and development in Africa, private participation in energy infrastructure in Africa, deepening African financial markets for growth and investment and boosting Africa’s energy sector through carbon finance were prepared for the NEPAD-OECD meeting in Johannesburg on 11-12 November 2009.

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  • 10-November-2009


    The 0.85 Percent Solution for Low-Income Countries by Homi Kharas

    As long as interest rates are so low and crisis needs are so great, it’s time to make IBRD

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