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  • 30-November-2009


    OECD recommendations to boost the Latin American economy

    Latin America as a whole is showing signs of recovery and stabilization. Economic activity is helped by improving conditions in global financial and commodity markets, as well as recovering exports.

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  • 23-November-2009


    OECD to launch Latin American Outlook 2010 on 30 November in Estoril, Portugal

    News conference to launch the OECD Development Centre’s latest Latin American Economic Outlook (LEO 2010).

  • 4-November-2009


    Mobilising financial resources - Boosting energy investment and carbon finance in Africa

    NEPAD-OECD Ministerial Meeting & Expert Roundtable, 11-12 November 2009, Johannesburg, South Africa. Mobilising Financial Resources - Boosting Energy Investment & Carbon Finance in Africa.

  • 25-September-2009


    OECD-G20: International standards on structural policies key to emerging from crisis

    Secretary-General Gurría called for the need to agree on common international targets in areas such as innovation and green growth predicting "they could become the overarching umbrella for the G20 Framework’s structural agenda".Gurria's remarks to G20 leaders reflected the fact that the focus on structural policies will constitute the principal element of the OECD's contribution to future work on the G20 Framework Strong, Sustainable

  • 9-July-2009


    OECD’s review of Sweden’s development co-operation

    Sweden spent USD 4.73 billion on overseas development assistance (ODA) in 2008. This amounted to 0.98% of its gross national income (GNI), making Sweden the most generous DAC donor countries as a proportion of its economy.

  • 2-July-2009


    Aid for Trade is building stronger economies

    All countries need to trade, with their neighbours and globally, to sustain long-term economic growth. Some low-income countries lack the instutitions, infrastructure to benefit from open markets and lift their people out of poverty.

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  • 28-May-2009


    OECD’s review of Austria’s development co-operation

    Austria’s official development assistance (ODA) was 0.42% of its gross national income (GNI) in 2008, putting it in 11th place among OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) donors.

  • 24-April-2009


    Tax haven crackdown will benefit developing countries, says OECD’s Gurría

    A crackdown on tax havens and cross-border tax evasion will help developing countries to raise more revenues to pay for much-needed schools, roads and hospitals, according to OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría. In an article published on the OECD’s website ahead of the 2009 spring meetings in Washington of the World Bank Group and the International Monetary Fund, Mr. Gurría said improving the effectiveness of developing countries’

  • 20-April-2009


    OECD review of Ireland’s development co-operation

    Ireland’s net official development assistance (ODA) was USD 1.3 billion in 2008, a 90% increase over 2003 in real terms. Ireland’s aid grew from 0.39% of gross national income in 2003 to 0.58% in 2008 during a period of exceptional national economic growth.

  • 8-April-2009


    Rising informal employment will increase poverty

    Informal employment is at record levels worldwide with severe consequences for poverty in poor countries, according to Is Informal Normal?, a new report by the OECD Development Centre.

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