• 5-March-2014


    Development Centre Newsletter - March 2014

    The Development Centre celebrates International Women's Day / Multi-dimensional Country Review of Uruguay / Strengthening partnerships with lusophone countries

  • 17-February-2014


    Development Centre Newsletter - February 2014

    Making Philanthropic Engagement more Effective- the GEPEs go to Mexico / Promoting youth employment in Africa must be everybody’s job / Venture Philanthropy in Development– netFWD to launch study in NY in February

  • 15-January-2014


    Development Centre Newsletter - January 2014

    Rural development policies: New OECD comparative study takes a closer look at the Korean experience / Inaugural Meeting of the Policy Dialogue on Natural Resource-Based Development / Launch of the Revenue Statistics in Latin America 2014

  • 19-December-2013

    English, PDF, 187kb

    December 2013

    DAC Evaluation Network's Newsletter for December 2013

  • 13-September-2013


    Development Centre Newsletter - September

    Promoting policy dialogue on natural resource-based development at Africa Down Under / Logistics key for economic development / Key structural policy changes in emerging Asia

  • 23-August-2013

    English, PDF, 255kb

    DAC Evaluation News - August 2013

    DAC Evaluation News - August 2013

  • 19-July-2013


    Development Centre Newsletter - July/August

    Jump-starting development in Myanmar ahead of population ageing / Promoting Startups in Latin America: who is doing what? / Africa Forum 2013: Harnessing natural resource wealth for economic transformation / ASEAN economies remain resilient

  • 13-June-2013


    Development Centre Newsletter - June

    AEO 2013: Africa’s resources are an opportunity, not a curse / LAC Forum 2013 sparks high-level reflection on competitiveness and structural change / Launch of the Perspectives on Global Development 2013 in Madrid / How cohesive is Vietnamese society?

  • 14-May-2013


    Development Centre Newsletter - May

    Industrial policies for a sustainable and inclusive growth - Empowering adolescent girls by tackling social norms - LAC FORUM 2013: What are the challenges ahead for Latin America and its SMEs? - Foundations: innovation and risk-taking as key features of the post 2015 agenda

  • 1-March-2013

    English, PDF, 462kb

    DAC Evaluation Network's Newsletter - Mars 2013

    DAC Evaluation Network's Newsletter for Mars 2013

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