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  • 2-May-2012


    Forum on due diligence in the gold supply-chain

    This forum provided the first opportunity to introduce the finalised Gold Supplement to the OECD Due Diligence Guidance, and discuss how best to implement it and tackle the unique challenges for carrying out due diligence on gold.

  • 28-March-2012


    Greater Mekong Subregion Investment Policy Forum

    This Forum provided a regional platform for participating countries to showcase their current reforms, and increase the subregion's visibility to international investors.

  • 16-March-2012


    Call for Think Pieces: Good Practice in Communicating Development Results

    DevCom invites all development communication practitioners to contribute with short Think Pieces illustrating successful approaches and strategies in communicating results of development.

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  • 15-February-2012


    Workshop on corporate climate change reporting: towards consistent and targeted schemes

    This technical workshop gathered experts to share knowledge and practical experience with existing green house gas emission measurement and reporting methodologies to explore ways to eliminate unnecessary cost and complexity.

  • 10-February-2012


    Fourth Meeting of the National Focal Points for PCD, 9 February 2012

    The 2012 Meeting of the National Focal Points for Policy Coherence for Development took place on 9 February 2012. It focused on food security. It also considered institutional mechanisms for promoting PCD, and taking forward work on impact assessment and monitoring of PCD.

  • 3-February-2012


    Regional Seminar on “Narrowing development gaps in Southeast Asia: A policy dialogue on inclusive growth”

    Regional Seminar on “Narrowing development gaps in Southeast Asia: A policy dialogue on inclusive growth”.

  • 30-January-2012


    Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness: Building Block Sponsors

    The Building Blocks is an initiative launched at the Fourth High Level Forum enabling development partners and organisations to make concentrated efforts to further progress in particular areas. This page lists the Building Blocks and the institutions sponsoring them.

  • 6-January-2012


  • 2-December-2011

    English, , 4,279kb

    DAC-INCAF Issues Brief: Strategic Building Blocks for International Engagement in Yemen

    This DAC-INCAF Issues Brief summarises discussions at the policy-practitioners workshop on how international engagement in Yemen can be improved, held in Berlin on 12 October.

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  • 29-November-2011


    2nd ICGLR-OECD-UN meeting on implementation of due diligence for responsible mineral supply chains

    The multi-stakeholder meeting provided a forum for discussion on how best to implement the OECD-UN due diligence recommendations in the tin, tantalum and tungsten supply chain.

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