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  • 5-October-2009


    Technical barriers to Trade Workshop

    A platform for policymakers, experts and practicioners from developing and developed countries to share their experiences and exchange views on effective Technical Barriers to Trade policy orientations from an open market perspective.

  • 10-September-2009


    ICTs for Development - Improving Policy Coherence

    This publication draws on discussion papers prepared for the workshop Policy Coherence in the Application of Information and Communication Technologies for Development, held on 10-11 September 2009. It examines some of the main challenges in closing the discrepancies in access to ICTs and use of ICTs between countries.

  • 3-September-2009


    Development Finance Network (DeFiNe) Meetings

    DeFiNe Development Finance Network (DeFiNe) DeFiNe in the Global Forum on Development 2009

  • 8-July-2009

    English, , 153kb

  • 30-June-2009

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    Summary Report DevCom Workshop on MDGs and Crisis Warsaw 2009

    Summary Report DevCom Workshop on MDGs and Crisis Warsaw 2009

  • 18-June-2009


    Workshop on Migration in Central America Governance and Links to Labour Markets

    The objective of the workshop is to discuss migration issues in Central America, focusing on themes which have received only limited attention so far, namely the governance of migration and the links between migration and labour markets.

  • 12-June-2009


  • 25-May-2009

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    2nd OECD-Southeast Asia Regional Forum: Enhancing Competitiveness through Regional Integration

    Government officials from ASEAN countries and investment experts gathered to discuss on various efforts to create a more attractive investment climate in Southeast Asia at the Forum. OECD’s investment instruments and peer review methods were presented and well received by participants as they can help advance their own agenda of investment policy reforms. The Forum took place in Bangkok, Thailand on 27-28 April 2009.

  • 7-May-2009


    OECD and the London G20 summit in 2009

    At the G20 summit in London on 2 April, governments pledged to do all they can to restore confidence, growth and jobs; repair and strengthen the financial system; promote global trade and investment and reject protectionism; and build an inclusive, green and sustainable recovery for all. The OECD worked behind the scenes with G20 governments and other international organisations to help achieve this successful outcome and further our

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  • 8-April-2009


    International Seminar: Employment and Inequality Outcomes

    The creation of more and better jobs remains a key challenge all over the world, not least due to the increasing demand for jobs in many developing countries. This joint ELS/DEV seminar presents recent experiences from China, India and Brazil.

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