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  • 26-November-2003

    English, , 389kb

    Float in Order to Fix? Lessons from Emerging Markets for EU Accession Countries (DEV Centre Working Paper 218)

    This working paper sets out lessons from emerging markets for EU assession countries.

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  • 28-January-2003


    Directory of Development Organizations

    DEV's popular Directory of Non-Governmental Development Organisations, last published in 1996 (for OECD European Member countries) and 1998 (for other OECD Member countries), has been updated and made available freely on the Web.

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  • 26-March-2002


    Tobin tax: could it work?

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  • 11-September-2001


  • 20-August-1991

    English, , 209kb

    DEV Centre WP 42: Time-Varying Estimates on the Openness of the Capital Account in Korea and Chinese Taipei

    How open are the capital accounts in Korea and Chinese Taipei? Has there been a trend towards more financial openness during the 1980s?

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  • 1-February-1991

    English, , 2,244kb

    OECD Development Centre Studies: The Tying of Aid

    Although the debate on the tying of aid has been raging for some time, this report is the first systematic study of this policy area undertaken to date.

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