Perspectives on global development

Communication for Development Workshop - 30 June 2008, Paris


30 June 2008 - Paris

Agence Française de Developpement


Development is most likely to succeed when an effective communication strategy generates broad-based support and public understanding of reforms and key stakeholder groups acquire the knowledge and capacity to carry out and meaningfully participate in the reforms. Often project/programs fail not because the technical design is flawed, but because issues of social and political economy as well as stakeholder engagement have not been taken into account. A development agency’s operational staff needs to develop a set of core communication competencies which will contribute to operational results.


Learning Objectives

  • Increase participants’ understanding of the importance of strategic communication and consensus building for public sector reforms; 
  • Provide knowledge of key concepts and tools of strategic communication, necessary to engage in promoting changes in knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors supportive of the over-all reform goals;
  • Introduce the political analysis of development issues and the importance of considering both political will and public in the context of development;
  • Instruct participants how to design a communication strategy (applying the “Five Communication and Management Decisions Template”) and evaluate the efficiency of a communication program;
    Share the methodology and DevCom experience with Communication-based assessment (CBA) for World Bank projects;
  • Use case studies of development projects to demonstrate the practical application of core communication principles and techniques as well as emphasize the importance of transparency, participation and accountability for their successful implementation.


  • Session 1: Development Communication in the World Bank context and the basics of strategic communication: strategy and process (presentation);
  • Session 2: Political analysis, political will and public will: introduction and examples of the work of DevCom on governance reform issues (presentation); 
  • Session 3: The Five Communication and Management Decisions (presentation);
  • Session 4: Communication-based Assessment (presentation)
  • Case Study 1: Developing a communication strategy - a public service reform in Tanzania
  • What we have learned and how to use it (discussion)



The workshop was delivered by Paul D. Mitchell, manager of the Development Communication division of the External Affairs vice-presidency of the World Bank.



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