Peer reviews of DAC members

Policy changes in DAC members' development co-operation, 2010


How have the 24 members of the OECD Development Assistance Committee adjusted their policies to meet their aid commitments? How are they responding to the call to accelerate progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)?


We asked donors:

  • what measures have you taken to accelerate progress towards the MDGs?
  • what drives change in development policy?

  • how are you making your aid more predictable?

In their responses, DAC donors emphasise efforts to meet agriculture, climate change and health challenges, as well as their acute awareness of the effects of the financial and economic crises, terrorism and fragility. Many DAC donors are currently undergoing management reforms to make their development co-operation more efficient and predictable, and to orient it more towards results.


» Read a summary of the responses (pdf, 63 kB)


» Consult the full list of country responses: Autralia  l Austria l Belgium l Canada l Denmark l European Commission l France l Finland l Germany l Greece l Ireland l Italy l Japan l Luxembourg l The Netherlands l New Zealand l Norway l Portugal l Sweden l Switzerland l Spain l United Kingdom l United States 


» Download the full report (pdf, 185 kB)


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