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  • 24-April-2013


    Workshop on Evaluating Support to Private Sector Development

    This day-long workshop will bring together the World Bank Independent Evaluation Group (IEG) and the OECD DAC Network on Development Evaluation, along with other key actors and development finance institutions, to share experiences on evaluating private sector-oriented development co-operation.

  • 20-April-2013


    Written Statement to the Joint IMF-World Bank Development Committee - April 2013

    The OECD is calling for a new development framework in this statement to the Joint IMF-World Bank Development Committee.

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  • 8-April-2013


    Trusting in crowds

    “Crowdsourcing” pools the strength of the many to perform complex tasks–everything from funding a film to sequencing DNA. At its heart is trust–not a blanket belief in great institutions, but rather the confidence between individuals that each will do the right thing. Its power is being increasingly felt today, even in the world of international development.

  • 4-April-2013


    Innovative Approaches to Poverty Reduction, Social Cohesion and Progress in a Post-2015 World

    Economic growth has played a major role in lifting people out of poverty. However, there is increasing evidence that many of these people did not move up to the middle classes but into an intermediate state of “vulnerability”. Poverty continues to affect millions of people around the world, said OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 3-April-2013


    Tackling Inequalities: At the Heart of the Post-2015 Agenda?

    In a large majority of OECD countries, wage gaps widened and household income inequality increased during the three decades prior to the crisis. Inequalities have also been growing in many emerging economies and developing countries, despite their fast growth over the last years, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 3-April-2013


    2013 Global Forum on Development

    2013 Global Forum on Development: Innovative approaches to poverty reduction, social cohesion and progress in the post 2015 world

  • 3-April-2013


    Aid to poor countries slips further as governments tighten budgets

    Development aid fell by 4% in real terms in 2012, following a 2% fall in 2011. The continuing financial crisis and euro zone turmoil has led several governments to tighten their budgets, which has had a direct impact on aid to poor countries. There is also a noticeable shift in aid away from the poorest countries and towards middle-income countries. A moderate recovery in aid levels is expected in 2013.

  • 22-March-2013

    English, PDF, 1,055kb

    Development Effectiveness Review of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2006 - 2010 (donor neutral version)

    The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) has completed its Development Effectiveness Review of the Asian Development Bank.

  • 6-February-2013


    Estimating the Constraints to Agricultural Trade of Developing Countries

    Agricultural trade can be a powerful engine for economic growth, poverty reduction, and development. However, efforts by developing countries to expand their agricultural trade are often hampered by domestic supply-side constraints such as lack of trade-related infrastructure. This report looks at some of the most important of these constraints, and features case studies from Indonesia, Zambia and Mozambique.

  • 29-January-2013


    Korea: a growing influence in the field of development co-operation

    An aid recipient less than two decades ago, Korea is now a donor and sharing its experience of how to use development co-operation as a catalyst to promote long-term sustainable growth in other countries.

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