OECD Multi-dimensional Country Reviews



The OECD Multi-Dimensional Country Reviews (MDCRs) are a new tool for tailoring broad OECD expertise to the realities of developing economies. Policy makers need to reconcile economic, social and environmental objectives to ensure that their country’s development path is sustainable and that the lives of citizens improve. To support this need, the Multi-Dimensional Country Reviews aim to design policies and strategies which do not simply promote growth but rather development in this more comprehensive sense. 


The reviews are “multi-dimensional” in several respects:

  • MDCRs target multiple policy objectives: not just the rate of growth,
    but also its sustainability and equity as well as non-income dimensions of well-being.

  • MDCRs address cross-cutting issues covering a broad spectrum of policy areas,
    rather than having a strictly sectorial focus: they help to understand the underlying relationships between competing challenges.

  • MDCRs consider the many dimensions of policy options: in particular the compatibilities and complementarities between policies. 

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23 June 2016 : Launch of the Multi-dimensional Review of Myanmar - Vol. 3

24 June 2016 : Launch of the Multi-dimensional Review of Côte d'Ivoire - Vol. 2 and Vol. 3