Investment for development

Mobilising Investment for Development in the Middle East and North Africa Region


Istanbul, 11-12 February 2004

The primary purpose of this meeting was to better assess the needs of MENA countries, identify priorities in the field of investment, both domestic and foreign, and to develop an outline of what the OECD could offer in these areas in close co-operation with other international and regional partners.  It follows a series of consultations which the OECD held with some of its partners in the region and members of the Arab Association of Investment Agencies.

At the meeting, regional experts, private sector participants and MENA policy makers met with their peers from OECD countries, and countries in other regions, to discuss global developments in investment, challenges and priorities for investment in the region, and explore the possibility of an OECD-supported regional investment initiative for MENA countries.  The meeting also aimed to achieve cross-fertilisation and synergies with other initiatives under way in the region by multilateral and bilateral donors.


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