Investment for development

Investment for Asian Development: Lessons so Far, Challenges for the Future


Jakarta, Indonesia, 5-6 July 2005

Hosted by the Government of Indonesia and organised under the auspices of the OECD Investment Committee in co-operation with UNESCAP and ADB, this conference took place on 5-6 July 2005 at Hotel Mulia Senayan Jakarta, in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The main themes of the conference were:

  • Investment for Development – Implementing the Monterrey Consensus
  • Improving the investment climate – but how?
  • How may the rest of the world assist? ODA/investment synergies
  • Getting the policy framework right – toward a structured approach

The conference gathered representatives of private companies, senior government officials from OECD and Asian countries and representatives of international/regional organisations and of the civil society.

Conference documentation

Session 1: Investment for Development – Implementing the Monterrey Consensus

  • The benefit of private investment for Asian development, Mr. K. Kesavapany, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies
  • The OECD Initiative on Investment for Development, Mr. Pierre Poret, Head of Investment Division, OECD
  • The Role of UNESCAP, Mr. Marinus W. Sikkel, Chief, Investment and Enterprise Development, UNESCAP
    Working with international organisations: successes so far, needs for improvement, Mr. Efren V. Leano, Executive Director, Philippine Board of Investments

Session 2: Improving the investment climate – but how? 

  • Indonesia’s Investment Climate – Lessons and Challenges, Mr. James Castle, First Vice President, American Chamber of Commerce in Indonesia
  • Investment environment of Indonesia: Perspectives and approaches of Japanese business, Mr. Yasuo ICHIMURA, Chief Officer for Indonesia Bloc of ITOCHU Corporation, Chairman of P.T. ITOCHU INDONESIA, Chairman of Jakarta Japan Club
  • Challenges and constraints: what policy makers should do, can do and cannot do about the investment climate”, Mr. NGUYEN Van Cuong, Senior Officer, Foreign Economic Relations Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) and Mr. NGUYEN Huy Hoang, Expert, Foreign Investment Agency, MPI.
    Commentary 2: “Giving investors what they need – but not necessarily what they say they need”, Mr. Vittaya PRAISUWAN, Director, International Affairs Division, Thailand Board of Investment.

Session 3: How may the rest of the world assist? ODA/investment synergies

  • Recent Indonesian experience”, Mr. Prasetiyono Widjojo, Deputy Head of National Development Planning Agency (BAPPENAS), Government of Republic of Indonesia
  • Vietnam's experience: ODA to improve the legal and regulatory environment for investment, Dr. LE Thuc Duc, Center for Analyses and Forecasting, Vietnamese Academy of Social Sciences
  • The Eastern Seaboard Project in Thailand, Mr. Takeo Matsuzawa, Director General, Development Assistance Department I, Japan Bank for International Cooperation

Session 4: Getting the policy framework right – toward a structured approach

- Assessing policies for investment:
“Policy Framework and Non-binding Principles: of what value to policy makers?”, Dr. Chintan HUANG, Executive Secretary, Investment Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Chinese Taipei.
“OECD and ADB’s approaches to anti-corruption: ADB OECD Anti-Corruption Initiative for Asia-Pacific: Effect on encouraging private investment”, Mr. Ramesh SUBRAMANIAM, Principal Economist, Indonesia Resident Mission, Asian Development Bank.
Draft Chapter of the Policy Framework for Investment on “Investment Policy”, Mr. Michael GESTRIN, Senior Economist, Investment Division, OECD. 
Draft Chapter of the Policy Framework for Investment on “Investment Promotion and Facilitation”, Ms. Kimberly 

Focus on investment incentives: Recent experiences from ASEAN and China:

Investment incentives: levelling the playing field or giving away gifts?, Mr. Douglas H. BROOKS, Principal Economist, Economics and Research Department, Asian Development Bank.
Competition among ASEAN countries: pros and cons, Mr. Noordin AZHARI, Director, Bureau for Economic Integration, ASEAN Secretariat.
The Chinese success story: implications for investment in South East Asia?, Dr. Hank LIM, Director of Research, Singapore Institute of International Affairs (SIIA).  

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