Investment for development

High-Level Policy Roundtable on International Investment Policies in Asia


7-8 April 2011 - Melbourne, Australia


Organised by the ADBI, OECD and the Australian APEC Study Centre, this roundtable looked at how investment policies can contribute to the recovery from the global crisis and improve the development prospects across Asia.


It also considered how the G20 Seoul Development Consensus for Shared Growth can promote private sector involvement and innovation. Special emphasis was placed on the mining and mineral sectors, in which investment flows are rapidly recovering to pre-crisis levels and developing Asia is a major destination.


The roundtable dealt with the following issues:

  • trends and outlook for international investment in Asia 2011-12
  • international investment policies in the postcrisis context
  • recent trends in investment to and from Asia
  • the globalisation of extractive industries
  • making the most of investment in extractive industries


Draft agenda (PDF)


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