Investment for development

Global Forum on International Investment: New Horizons for Foreign Direct Investment


The OECD's Global Forum on International Investment (GFII) held its inaugural conference "New Horizons and Policy Challenges for Foreign Direct Investment in the 21st Century" in Mexico City, 26-27 November 2001. The conference provided a unique platform for an open and inclusive dialogue on emerging investment issues among government authorities in charge of investment policy and other stakeholders including multilateral organisations, the private sector, trade unions and NGOs.

This publication highlights the major conclusions that emerged from the conference and offers a selection of papers presented by experts and revised in light of deliberations. The book includes analyses on recent FDI trends and prospects, as well as ways of maximising the benefits of FDI for development. It also examines lessons learned in OECD Members and other countries, governments' responsibilities in FDI policies, corporate responsibility initiatives and the role of multilateral organisations in capacity building for FDI in host countries.

The introductory part of the publication can be downloaded in pdf file format. This incorporates the Introduction, Synthesis of Conference Deliberations and Chairmen's Conclusions.

This publication can be purchased directly from the OECD Online Bookshop.

For further information, see the conference website .


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