Gender equality and development

Addressing gender equality and women’s empowerment through development co-operation


Strengthening women’s rights changes things for the better – for both women and men. Gender equality and empowered women are not only development goals but are also powerful catalysts for multiplying development efforts. Donors have revitalised their approaches so that gender equality and women’s empowerment are now often front and centre in development programmes. The practice notes in this section address institutional and strategic issues, and examine how donors can work to advance gender equality through country programmes, monitoring and evaluation, and capacity development.

Tool Kit on Gender Equality Results and Indicators-Asian Development Bank and Australian Aid (2014, pdf)

What to say and do? Practical examples on how to address gender equality when elaborating the dialogue plan (Sida, 2010), pdf, 99,61Kb

Tool : African Conventions, Declarations and Agreements (Sida, 2010), pdf, 137,44Kb

Tool : Guide to identifying portfolio entry points for WEE (Sida, 2010), pdf, 84,08Kb

Tool : Guide to the elaboration of Country Gender Profiles (Sida, 2010), pdf, 97,34 Kb

Effective Strategies for Promoting Gender Equality (DAC Network on Gender Equality, 2004), pdf, 516 Kb

The Economic Crisis: The Impact on Women (USAID), pdf, 139 Kb

Gender Mainstreaming

Gender Mainstreaming - What? Why? How? (CIDA, 2007), pdf, 125 Kb

General Design Considerations: Integrated Projects (CIDA, 2007), pdf, 118 Kb

Gender in Organisations (SDC, 2003), pdf, 236 Kb


Gender in Multilateral Co-operation (SDC,2003), pdf, 136 Kb

Framework and Analysis

What do aid architecture and new aid modalities have to do with gender? (GTZ, 2009), pdf
Gender with Men (GTZ, 2009), pdf

Analytical Framework (SDC, 2003), pdf, 296 Kb

Definitions (SDC, 2003), pdf, 304 Kb

Gender Analysis (SDC, 2003), pdf, 224 Kb

Country Programmes

Gender in Country Programmes (SDC, 2003), pdf, 220 Kb

Gender in Programmes and Projects (SDC, 2003), pdf, 270 Kb

Programme-based Approaches (CIDA, 2006), pdf, 94 Kb

Gender in Country, Policy and Sector Analysis (SDC, 2003), pdf, 248 Kb

Statistics and Indicators

Gender Equality Indicators: What, Why and How? (DAC Network on Gender Equality, 2009), pdf, 354 Kb

Gender-differentiated Statistics and Indicators (GTZ, 2007), pdf, 1786 Kb

Monitoring and Evaluation

Gender and Monitoring (SDC, 2003), pdf, 255 Kb

Gender and Evaluation (SDC, 2003), pdf, 216 Kb,





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