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Our newsletter highlights the latest evaluations of development programmes produced by members of
the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), and other news for the evaluation community from
the DAC Evaluation Network.

Newsletters produced by Network members and other partners can be found here.

This newsletter highlights the latest publication on "Responding to Refugee Crises in Developing Countries: What Can We Learn From Evaluations?", which looks at evaluations from refugee and migration contexts to feed into the Guidance on Better Programming.


This newsletter highlights the latest issue of our Evaluation Insights series, which looks at deforestation and forest degradation and findings from recent evaluations on the topic. Learn of the latest reports on USAID's practices on strengthening evidence-based development, Australia’s humanitarian response to the Syrian crisis and the EU's support to women empowerment.

 Evalnet newsletter of may 2016‌‌

The 2015 Evaluation torch at the 18th EvalNet meeting, the improved DEReC and the MDGs report 2015 are among the features put forth in this issue. Also presented in this issue, the latest evaluation reports from our members along with events from the evaluation community.


 ‌Thumbnail Newsletter July 2015

This February 2015 issue presents the synthesis of budget support evaluations conducted by the EC. It also features the US Department of State's evaluation of GBV prevention programmes in Chad. Also read about the celebrations scheduled for the 2015 International Year of Evaluation. 

 ‌Newsletter February 2015

This newsletter highlights the latest issue of our Evaluation Insights series, which looks at the challenges faced by low- and middle-income countries‌ in creating new jobs, in particular “good” jobs. Also learn of the latest reports on the evaluation of Budget Support in Mozambique, the impact of improved cooking stoves in Burkina Faso, KOICA's report on the implementation of untying aid and AFD's assessment of the modes of partnership between the non-governmental sphere and the French public authorities.

 ‌‌Newsletter - June 2014

In this issue of our newsletter, discover the new release edited by EvalNet members: “Evaluation Methodologies for Aid in Conflict”. Also in this issue, read about support to response to HIV/AIDS in Uganda; a review of embedding evaluation in DFID; a tool kit on gender equality; and evaluation of Norway’s aid programme. 

 Newsletter - April 2014

Our December 2013 Newsletter presents our latest issue in the Evaluation Insights series, on Support to Civil Society. Recent evaluations, on budget support to Tanzania, youth employment programs, fragile states as well as an overview of ODA evaluation trends in Japan are also put forth.

  • August 2013
    Our August newsletter  is presenting our 2 latest publications, released in June 2013.  This issue also features evaluation reports from DFID UK, ADB and Denmark and upcoming events.
  • June 2013

    Our June newsletter features a new review of the development effectiveness of UNICEF and evaluations of private sector support and long term co-operation between Sri Lanka and Sweden, a review of French development co-operation and much more.
  • March 2013

    The office of Uganda Prime Minister launched a new Government Evaluation Facility in early March. Also presented in this issue, read about the evaluation of the Belgian Investment Company for Developing Countries (BIO).
Thumbnail Newsletter EVALNET Mars 2013


Discover the latest release from the OECD DAC in this issue of our newsletter, "Evaluating Peacebuilding Activities in Settings of Conflict and Fragility: Improving Learning for Results". Also presented in this issue is the latest evidence from evaluations on: development support to Afghanistan; the agricultural sector in Honduras; and Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative.









  • September 2012

    In this month's newsletter we highlight the latest issue of our Evaluation Insights series, which looks at evidence from rural water and sanitation evaluations. Learn of the latest reports: on Austria's contribution to gender equality, Australia's support to the national HIV response in Papua New Guinea, and Canada's country programme evaluation of Peru.

The DAC Evaluation Network talks with Henri Jorritsma, from the Netherlands' Policy and Operations Evaluation Department in this edition of our newsletter. Henri discusses recent findings of an evaluation of budgt support to Zambia, and the future issues for development cooperation. Latest evaluations from members along with events from the evaluation community are also highlighted.

  • Special Edition: Women's Day, 8 March 2012

    A Special Edition to our regular newsletter was produced celebrating Women's Day 2012, highlighting the latest evaluation findings on gender equality and women's empowerment. The report  "Mainstreaming gender equality: a road to results or a road to nowhere?", which reviews evidence on gender mainstreaming in development agencies, is put forth. Other resources include a video by the Asian Development Bank presenting the evaluation results of their gender-focused programmes, an evaluation report on gender in education, and much more.                


  • February 2012

    Our February 2012 newsletter focuses on recent lessons learned in the area of food security, drawing from a recent systematic review undergone by IOB, the Netherlands, on the topic. Latest evaluations from members are also presented, including ones on human rights, and the World Bank Fund to Fight AIDS.



  • January 2012

    Our January 2012 newsletter highlights the newly published trilingual version of the DAC Quality Standards English, French and Arabic, and the many partners involved. Recent evaluations on the humanitarian assistance to Somalia, women in Africa, and water supply in rural Benin are also presented.











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