Evaluation of development programmes

Spain - DAC Evaluation Network Member


Division of Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management (DEGCO)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC)

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Organisation Background


In 2012 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) was restructured. As a result, the Directorate-General for Development Policy Planning and Evaluation (DGPOLDE), to which the evaluation unit the Division of Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management (DEGCO) was attached, was dissolved. The General Secretariat for International Development Cooperation (SGCID) assumed the mandates and competencies of the former DGPOLDE, including the evaluation function.


The new, well-established Evaluation Policy (2013) is the result of the fourth Master Plan of the Spanish Cooperation 2013-2016 seeking for a better evaluation process, focusing more on outcomes, and promoting greater transparency and accountability. The overall mandate to evaluate the Spanish development co-operation policy and state-funded operations rests with the State Secretariat for International Cooperation and Ibero-America (SECIPI). The Royal Decree 342 / 2012 further provides a clear mandate around evaluation to the DEGCO.


The DEGCO is managed by the SGCID, who subsequently reports to the SECIPI, while the AECID is directly attached to the SECIPI. The AECID’s operations units reports directly to the Agency Management. In order to facilitate information exchange between the SGCID and the AECID, a network of evaluation focal points has recently been created and is still an early stage. This network will not only disseminate evaluation results and events, but also provide capacity training to the AECID staff responsible for decentralised evaluations.

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