Evaluation of development programmes

Guidance for Managing Joint Evaluations



ISSN : 1681-2328 (online)
ISSN : 1609-1914 (print)
DOI : 10.1787/16812328
October 2006


This booklet is a practical guide for managers of joint evaluations of development assistance programmes. It is a revision and update, in view of new experiences, of the DAC publication Effective Practices  in  Conducting  a  Joint  Multi-Donor  Evaluation  (2000). The omission of the words "Multi-Donor" from the new title reflects the momentum in development cooperation towards broader partnerships and, specifically, joint evaluations undertaken with the participation of non-donor agencies.

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For more information on this publication and on the work of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation on joint evaluations, visit www.oecd.org/dac/evaluationnetwork

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