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Logo of evaluation year 201564 events for International Year of Evaluation already scheduled

Discover the list of events scheduled all over the world to celebrate 2015 International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) During the events, the "Evaluation torch" will be passed to discuss four themes:

    • Identifying the key future priorities for the global evaluation community to launch the 2016-2020 Global Evaluation Agenda;
    • Bridging the gap between the evaluation community (supply side) and the policy makers community  (demand side), including Parliamentarians,  to ensure good quality, equity-focused and gender-responsive  evaluations are demanded and used in policy making;
    • Mainstreaming equity-focused and gender-responsive evaluations in Sustainable Development Goals at international level, and in national development strategies at national level;
    • Developing equity-focused and gender-responsive National Evaluation policies.


 17 December 2014


27 November



  Joint conference: 

Making effective use of evaluations in a complex world

UNESCO - OECD - French Evaluation Society - European Evaluation Society

The European and French Evaluation Societies, OECD, and UNESCO have joined hands in organising an event to discuss the use of evaluation within the context of the challenges outlined above. The purpose of the event is to bring together decision makers and evaluators, the demand and the supply sides of evaluation, to discuss the use and impact of evaluation itself and how this could be improved.

Venue: UNESCO headquarters, Paris, France




30 September 2015



IDEAS GLOBAL ASSEMBLY 2015 :  “Evaluating Sustainable Development”

More logistical details will become available in the next few weeks, and registration will open registration in due course, but you can block these dates in your calendar.

More exciting news to follow! 

Venue: Bangkok,




26 to 30 October 2015


The Global Evaluation Week

EvalPartners in partnership with Parliamentarian Forum for Development Evaluation, Community of Evaluators South Asia, IOCE and UN Women, is pleased to announce the Global Evaluation Week to commemorate the International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear) and to launch the 2016-2020 Global evaluation agenda. The main EvalYear ceremony will be held in the Parliament of Nepal to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation.


The Global Evaluation Week hosted at the Parliament of Nepal will be the culmination of the celebrations for 2015 International Year of Evaluation. Please mark your calendar!


For additional information please visit the following websites: 

International Year of Evaluation (EvalYear)

Global Evaluation Week

                                                           Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal







23 to 27 November 2015 


Miscellaneous News



Check out the new DEReC featuring a new advanced search function, an upgraded visual and over 3000 evaluation reports!


New book release!

Evaluating Environment in International Development 

Edited by Juha Uitto

The book provides novel and in-depth perspectives on the increasingly strategic area of climate change and development evaluation. Moving beyond projects and programs, it considers aspects such as evaluating normative work on the environment and evaluating environmental consequences of economic and social development efforts. It not only aims to stimulate the dialogue and learning process between practitioners and research, but also to provide an encouragement for social change, especially for the most affected people of climate and environmental change in the global South. As Nidhi Khattri (World Bank, Independent Evaluation Group) stated: “The book is a must read for anyone concerned about development and its effects on environment.”

Order a copy here.



Resources on peacebuilding interventions

3ie has launched a scoping paper that reviews the supply of and demand for evidence from impact evaluations and systematic reviews on peacebuilding interventions. They produced an evidence gap map that provides access to the best available evidence on the outcomes of peacebuilding interventions in conflict-affected settings in low- and middle-income countries. The evidence gap map report explains the scope and methods and analyses the information in the map.



Register now to e-Learning on Development Evaluation

UN Women Independent Evaluation Office, Claremont Graduate University and IOCE, within the EvalPartners initiative, with support from The Rockefeller Foundation and in partnership with UNEG, OECD/DAC EvalNet, ALNAP, UNICEF, ReLAC, IPEN and EvalMena, are pleased to announce the opening of the registration for the second 2015 cohort of the introductory e-Learning programme on Development Evaluation, which will close on  17 September 2015. In the previous rounds, almost 25,000 participants from 172 countries registered, with a satisfaction rate of 72%.

In addition, you can also create/customize your own course.

The e-learning is free and open to all interested evaluators. For additional information, watch the introductory videoFor registration, visit http://mymande.org/elearning/



    The UN Women Independent Evaluation Office

has recently launched the Gender Equality Evaluation Portalan inter-active hub for gender evaluations, in which 300+ evaluations on gender equality policies, programmes and projects from different stakeholders and countries are available for free access.

The portal is framed around the 12 Areas of Concern outlined in the Beijing Platform for action, and further classified by evaluation type. It hosts evaluations completed between 2004 to present, published in English, Spanish, French and German. The Gender Equality Evaluation Portal has been designed to be dynamic, open-content knowledge management system, where additional gender equality evaluations - and resources and tools – can be uploaded by users by registering









No vacancies currently advertised 



Development jobs websites

Aid Workers Network

This website has links to a number of websites useful in finding development assistance jobs, or recruiting personnel for such jobs.

American Evaluation Association

The Job Bank provides a free service for those seeking and those offering evaluation jobs (donations are requested to help defray the costs of the service.) The site is specifically used for the annual AEA evaluation conference.

Communication Initiative

A listing of open posts in development and communication organisations.


A leading global membership organization serving firms, non-profit organizations, and individual professionals working in the international development market.

Eldis Jobs

Job posting service free to any development related organisations.

Evaluation Group of the World Bank Institute (WBIEG)

WBIEG's current vacancies & consultant database

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This evaluation focused on implementation of Paris Declaration Principles rather than a specific project or program. The initially documented how its many principles were being implemented and operationalised; then later assessed results on the ground, in policy development and more broadly. A final report summarised, analysed, and synthesized more than 50 studies in 21 partner countries and across 18 donor agencies, as well as several studies on special themes. “The evaluation process was participatory and consultative among partner countries, donors, and international organization participants,” notes Michael Quinn Patton, a pioneer in the field of evaluation who nominated the work for the Outstanding Evaluation Award.





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