Evaluation of development programmes

Development Evaluation Resources and Systems: A study of members of the OECD Network on Development Evaluation


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ISBN 9789264094857
Publication date: December 2010

This study describes the role and management of evaluation in development agencies and multilateral banks, based on questionnaires, findings from peer reviews by the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC), interviews and a literature review.  The study includes information about the specific institutional settings, resources, policies and practices of each of the DAC Evaluation Network's 32 members.  The study identifies major trends and current challenges in development evaluation, covering: human and financial resources, institutional set-ups and policies, independence of the evaluation function, reporting and use of evaluation findings, management response systems, donor co-ordination, joint evaluation, and the involvement of partner countries in evaluation work.


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Section I contains an analysis of current trends and challenges in evaluating development assistance. Core elements of the evaluation function are covered, including: the role of evaluation in the development agency, funding and human resources for evaluation, independence, quality assurance, coordination, mechanisms to ensure use of evaluation findings, the role of partner countries and support to partner country evaluation capacity development. Section II presents individual evaluation profiles for each member agency. This broad review is based on responses to a member survey conducted in 2009 and the findings of recent DAC peer reviews. The purpose of this endeavour is to inform ongoing efforts to strengthen evaluation systems – in donor and partner countries – to enhance the role of evaluation in contributing to better development results and stronger accountability.


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