Third meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 2 - 3 June 2005


Agenda Item

Document Title


Summary Record of the third meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation


Item 1.iv

Draft agenda for the third meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation


Item 1.vi

Summary Record of the second meeting


Item II.i

Paris HLF Declaration on Aid Effectiveness

Room Document 1

Item II.ii

Evaluation Network follow up to the Paris declaration on aid effectiveness


Item II.iii

Assessing the development effectiveness of total ODA at the country level

Room Document 2

Item II.iv

GBS progress report update

 Room Documemt 13

Item III.v

Evaluating conflict prevention and peace-building programmes - an update on joint work with the DAC Network on Conflict Prevention and Peace Building (CPDC)

Room Document 3

List of materials received

Room Document 3bis

Item III.i

Joint Evaluations recent experiences, lessons learned and options for the future

Room Document 4

Item III.ii

Evaluation quality standards

Room Document 5

Evaluation quality standards - Tentative Schedule for Development of DAC evaluation standards

Room Document 5bis

Item III.iii

A "new approach" to evaluation mulilateral organisations' evaluation performance

Room Document 6

Item III.iv

Evaluation systems and use: Assessing development evaluation in DAC Peer Reviews (revised)

Room Document 7

Item IV.i

Impact Evaluations: A discussion note

Room Document 8

Item V

Developing the evaluation network website - next steps

 Room Document 9

Item VI.i

Introduction to the Tsunami Evaluation Coalition

Room Document 12

Item VI. ii

Development Effectiveness in Africa - Promise and performance: Applying mutual accountability in practice


Item VI. iii

Evaluation capacity building - recent initiatives

       - Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Room Document 10a/ Room Document 10a ANNEX

       - Japan International Cooperation Agency

Room Document 10b

       - African Development Bank

Room Document 11

(Provisional) results framework for the joint venture on managing for development results

DocumentRoom Document 11

Powerpoint presentations

Impact Evaluation (World Bank)

Mutual review of development effectiveness in the context of NEPAD (Deputy Director, DCD, Secretariat)

Tsunami Evaluation Coalition (TEC): An introduction (ALNAP)

OVE's Experience with Impact Evaluations (IADB)

Joint Evaluations: Recent Experiences, Lessons Learned, Options for the Future (Horst Breier)

Joint Evaluation of General Budget Support - Progress Report (DFID)



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