Tenth Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 10 - 11 February 2010



Agenda item

NEW: Summary Record of the Tenth Meeting


Draft agenda of the Tenth Meeting


Summary Record of the Ninth Meeting

DCD/DAC/EV/M(2009)1  / In French

II. Member Study: Snap shot of evaluation resources and systems

Development evaluation resources and systems - A study of Network members


III. Planning and co-ordinating evaluations

Monitoring progress on joint evaluation and partner country involvement

-  Joint evaluation platform

-  Evaluation plan inventory

Room Doc (Agenda Item III, b)


Room Doc (Agenda Item III, b/bis)

DEReC - New developments and next steps

Room Doc (Agenda Item III, c)

IV. Multilateral aid effectiveness

DAC work on multilateral aid
- Background document: 2008 DAC Report on Multilateral Aid


Proposed Approach to Strengthening Information on the Development Effectiveness of Multilateral Organisations

- Room Doc (Agenda Item IV, b)
- Powerpoint

V. Supporting evaluation capacity development

Presentation of draft "tip sheet" for supporting evaluation capacity development

Room Doc


Presentation de CLEAR


VI. Phase II of the Joint Evaluation of the Implementation of the Paris Declaration

Update on the ongoing evaluation

Website: www.oecd.org/dac/evaluationnetwork/pde

PowerpointMore information here

VII. Developing evaluation standards and guidance

DAC Quality Standards for Development Evaluation
Normes de qualité pour l'évaluation du développement     

DCD/DAC(2010)2 /  FR

Impact evaluation

BMZ Invitation letter for NONIE Meeting

Update on applications using the Draft Guidance on Evaluating Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Activities
Completed evaluation reports:

- Donor-Supported Activities in Conflict-Sensitive Development and Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka

- Evaluation of Norwegian support to peacebuilding in Haiti

(some hard copies of these reports will be available at the meeting)

Room Document Agenda Item VII,c.)

Evaluating Global and Regional Partnerships Programs (GRPPs)  

Room Doc (Agenda Item VII, f)

VIII. Other Business

Voice and Accountability


Outcome and impact level - intervention logic and indicators


Evaluation in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Room Doc 11



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