Evaluation Network member - Norway


Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)

Ruselokkreien 26
0251 Oslo
Pb 8034 Dep.
0030 Oslo


 Tel: + 47 23 98 00 00
Fax: + 47 22 24 20 31


Department background



The Evaluation Department is responsible for the evaluation of all aspects of development co-operation funded by the Norwegian government.  The department focuses on planning and managing major thematic or strategic evaluations, conducting eight to twelve per year, and provides some support on reviews carried out by line offices.  The main goals of the Evaluation Department are to i) evaluate effectiveness and results; ii) evaluate whether resource application is commensurate with results achieved; iii) systemise experience, so as to assure quality and improve future activities by means of good learning processes; and iv) provide information to aid policy makers and the general public.



The publication "Better Aid: Evaluation in Development Agencies" provides individual evaluation profiles for each member of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation.

Each profile provides information on the core elements of the evaluation function set-up and management, including the mandate of the unit, mechanisms to protect independence and ensure quality, reporting lines and distribution of evaluation reports.

Norway's Evaluation profile    


NORAD reports are available on DEReC




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