Eighth Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 18 - 19 November 2008


Agenda item

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NEW: Summary Record of the Eighth Meeting
/ Compte rendu succinct de la 8ème Réunion

DCD/DAC/EV/M(2008)2 / InFrench

I,iii) Draft agenda of the Eighth Meeting

DCD/DAC/EV/A(2008)2 / In French

I, iv) Summary Record of the Seventh Meeting


I, v) Update on programme of work and budget for 2009-2010

Room Doc 1 - Programme of Work and Budget 2009-2010

II) Follow up of the Accra High Level Forum and the evaluation of the Paris Declaration

III,i) UNEG/DAC task team on peer reviews of evaluation systems and update on ECG peer review work

Room Doc 5

III,ii) Results of a system review of evaluation in German development cooperation

Powerpoint presentation
IV) Harmonising, aligning and sharing
  • SADEV Report :Challenges, opportunities and approaches for increasing joint donor programming of evaluations
  • Room Doc 3 - Sharing evaluation plans
  • Room Doc 4 - DEReC
  • Room Doc 9 - Etude sur le développement des capacités en évaluation (ECD) en Afrique de l’Ouest - Rapport préliminaire -
V,i) Evaluation quality Standards
V,ii) Impact Evaluation
V,iii) Evaluation of Methodology Budget Support Powerpoint presentation
V,iv) Guidance on Evaluating conflict prevention and peacebuilding Room Doc 7
V,v) Evaluating global and regional partnerships Room Doc 8



Documents for the informal session


Evaluation of the US aid programmes

Joint Powerpoint presentation by US State dept.,

Evaluation in the new JICA

Powerpoint presentation by Japan

Regional centres for results-based management and evaluation capacity development

Powerpoint presentation and Room Doc 10
by the World Bank


Norway update

Aid for trade

Room Doc 11



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