Documents for the 11th Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, 16-17 November 2010



The 11th Meeting of the DAC Network on Development Evaluation was held 16-17 November 2010 in Paris and included around 80 participants. Building on consultations with members earlier this year, the network experimented with a new format, combining very short informational updates on ongoing work with small group discussions on four specific topics: evaluability, developing evaluation policies, beneficiary involvement, and evaluating civil society support. The new format also featured a panel debate on joint evaluation and a brainstorming session to plan implementation of the next work programme (2011/2012).

As part of an ongoing strategic reflection, members discussed how the network can best continue to adapt and remain relevant in an environment of new challenges, new global actors and new approaches to development. Members emphasised the need to deepen engagement with other subsidiary bodies and with external actors and decided to produce a number of evaluation lessons briefs to address current policy needs.

Updates were provided on ongoing work (see Brief Updates Agenda Item III). Members discussed current progress with pilot testing and next steps in the development of a framework for asessing multilateral effectiveness. A task team on evaluation capacity development was formed to produce a shared network approach to collaboration at the country level through capacity support and joint evaluation. Members were informed about the pilot testing of a budget support evaluation methodology in Tunisia, Zambia and Mali, and discussed institutional arrangements for further joint evaluations of budget support.


Summary Record of the Eleventh Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network


I. Opening session

Draft agenda of the 11th Meeting

DCD/DAC/EV/A(2010)2  / In French

II. Review of the strategy discussion

After the Wake-up Call - Thoughts for a way forward
Powerpoint presentation

III. Current work: Brief updates

Brief updates document including:

  a. Conflict prevention and peacebuilding – page 1
  b. Haiti evaluation task force – page 4
  c. Peer reviews of evaluation in United Nations Organizations – page 9
  d. Managing aid seminar – page 11
  e. Evaluation of the Paris Declaration Phase II – page 12
  f.  Aid-for-trade - page 18

  g. Impact evaluation - page 19

IV. Current work: Items for discussion and decision

Evaluation Capacity Development (Room document)
Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results - A Multilateral Initiative  (Powerpoint

V. Current issues in evaluation - Small group discussions

VI. Further discussion

No document.

VII. Panel debate on joint evaluations

Panel discussion note on joint evaluations

VIII. What are members evaluating?

Overview of issues from DEReC and member plans
Powerpoint presentation

IX. Strategy and preparations for implementing further work

Communication Note


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