Environment and development

OECD-CPI Consultation on Development and Climate Change


19 November 2013

Warsaw - Poland


 Facilitator: Serge Tomasi, OECD


The consultation was co-organised by the OECD and the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) and had two sessions on i) tracking climate finance and ii) strengthening development co-operation for adaptation.


Part 1. Tracking Climate Finance

Part 2. Stengthening Development Co-operation for Adaptation


See the summary record of the Workshop:

OECD-CPI Consultation on Development and Climate Change Summary, November 2013


Part 1. Tracking Climate Finance

This session focused on boosting transparency and accountability in climate-related development finance, discussing the tracking of international public finance, in particular climate-related official development assistance (ODA) and other official flows (OOF) across bilateral and multilateral institutions. 

Discussion questions:

  • How to bring together the various initiatives tracking international public finance to ensure they are mutually reinforcing and build an accurate and robust understanding of climate flows?
  • What are the interests and ambitions of Parties and relevant institutions to establish an integrated system for tracking international climate finance/
  • What specific steps could be taken in the near-term to enable the creation of an integrated system to overcome existing constraints to this end?


Barbara Buchner, CPI, presented the CPI Landscape of Climate Finance 2013


Jan-Willem van de Ven, EBRD, presented on the Joint MDB Climate Finance Tracking


Jochen Harnisch, KfW, presented on Climate Finance and Development Finance Institutions (DFIs)


Stephanie Ockenden, OECD, presented on the OECD DAC CRS efforts to track climate-related official development finance


Background material:

For further information please contact Stephanie Ockenden (stephanie.ockenden@oecd.org).


Part 2. Strengthening Development Co-operation for Adaptation

This session focused on strengthening development co-operation providers' efforts to help partner countries deliver effective adaptation outcomes. 

 Discussion questions:

  • What types of support do partner countries most need from development co-operation providers to boost effective adaptation planning and implementation in the context of national, sub-national and sector development planning?
  • How are development co-operation providers organising and prioritising their resources to best support adaptation in LDCs and other vulnerable countries?
  • How to improve the effectiveness of development co-operation interventions, including better engaging with private sectors


Batu Uprety, Nepal and LEG representative, presented an Update on the LEG priorities and interests in engaging with the development co-operation community on adaptation


Gottfried von Gemmingen, Germany and Co-chair of the OECD Task Team on Climate Change and Development Co-operation


Background material:

For further information please contact Jan Corfee-Morlot (jan.corfee-morlot@oecd.org)





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