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Measuring Climate-related Aid


OECD-DAC is gathering statistical data on climate change-related aid. This is done through "Climate Mitigation Marker" and "Climate Adaptation Marker". This is a unique statistics that tells how much climate-related ODA is spent on what activities, by what country, and to what country.


In general, the data becomes available at the end of next year. For example, the data on 2011 normally becomes available at the end of 2012 or early 2013.  Also note that data on climate adaptation is available only from 2010 flow.


Climate-Related ODA data

2011 ODA data targetted to climate change mitigation and adaptation

Climate change mitigation-related aid was estimated at USD 17.6 billion in 2010, and climate change adaptation-related aid at USD 9.3 billion.


Download data set for climate-related ODA in 2011 (mitigation and adaptation)

Dataset of climate-related ODA 2007-2009 (mitigation only)

You can use the data below to see each activity targeted to climate change. You can also sort the data by donors, recipients, sectors and purposes, for example.


Methodological notes

Handbook on OECD-DAC Climate Markers

This handbook provides comprehensive methodological information on climate markers. It contains definitions of climate mitigation and adaptation markers, examples of eligible activities, and frequently asked questions.


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