Presentation African Development Report 2008/2009


The African Development Bank will launch its African Development Report 2008/2009 on 26 January 2009 and will present it at the OECD in Paris the following day.


The theme of this year's edition is Conflict Resolution, Peace and Reconstruction in Africa. The report comes in the wake of the termination of several prolonged conflicts in Africa. At the same time, a number of countries are still experiencing violent conflict while others face the threat of its occurrence. The present situation raises two key challenges. The first is to resolve the ongoing conflicts and prevent the outbreak of new ones. The second is to promote peace, reconstruction and economic recovery in post-conflict countries.


The Report focuses on these challenges. It assesses the state of knowledge on the causes of conflict in Africa. It concludes that the lack of consensus on the empirical evidence, and the variety and specificity of African experiences, suggest a need for deep contextual analysis of conflicts in Africa. The Report then investigates the social and economic consequences of conflict and analyses conflict-resolution and peacebuilding tools. It proposes strategies for conflict resolution, post-conflict recovery and peace building. The Report calls for targeted initiatives such as the new African Development Bank’s Fragile States Facility to maximize the impact of development assistance. Through this Report and its other knowledge products, the Bank seeks to inform policies for preventing and resolving conflicts, and building and consolidating peace in Africa.


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