DAC members


The DAC currently has 30 members. Candidate countries are assessed in terms of the following criteria: the existence of appropriate strategies, policies and institutional frameworks that ensure capacity to deliver a development co-operation programme; an accepted measure of effort; and the existence of a system of performance monitoring and evaluation.


As members of the DAC, countries pledge to implement forthwith the Recommendations adopted by the DAC since its inception and to commit to use DAC guidelines and reference documents in formulating national development co-operation policies. They also provide the annual submission of required ODA statistics and, on request, summary information describing their aid efforts and policies to be included in the Development Co-operation Report. Members undertake to participate in meetings of the DAC and at least one of its subsidiary bodies. Finally, DAC members agree to submit to a regular Peer Review of their development co-operation, undertaken by the DAC and the OECD/DCD, and to serve as an examiner in reviewing other member programmes.