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Broader development finance from the United Arab Emirates



The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has significantly stepped up its development co-operation efforts in recent years. Its official development assistance (ODA) measured as a share of Gross National Income reached 1.34% in 2013 and 1.17% in 2014, well above the UN target of 0.7% and higher than that of all members of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC).

However, many other policies beyond the scope of ODA but with an impact on development are carried out by the UAE. To get a better overview of all its official support for development, the UAE has completed a pilot exercise with the OECD (pdf).

The pilot identified three main areas of official support for development beyond ODA:

  • Global public goods
  • Financial instruments
  • Private Finance Mobilised by Official Sector Interventions

This pilot will also contribute to the current discussion of what a broader measure of international development finance should look like. Such a measure should incentivise public financing in support of the Sustainable Development Goals and mobilise private resources for that purpose.


»  A Broader Framework of Development Finance from the UAE (pdf)