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  • 31-October-2011


    Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade

    At a time when aid budgets are under pressure and scrutiny, there is a need to improve accountability. This is especially true in the case of aid for trade, which has become an increasingly important priority in development co-operation.   Strengthening Accountability in Aid for Trade looks at what the trade and development community needs to know about aid-for-trade results, what past evaluations of programmes and projects

  • 28-October-2011


    Launch of the 2012 Latin American Economic Outlook: Transforming the State for Development

    This publication is the product of a joint effort by the Development Development Centre of the OECD and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), undertaken in order to analyse the role of the State in the economic growth and development of Latin American and Caribbean countries. The questions the outlook exposes are: What should be the main elements of the reform of the State in Latin America and the

  • 4-October-2011


    Launch of the 50th Anniversary Edition of the Development Co-operation Report

    We have made significant progress promoting development but the levels of world poverty are still unacceptably high. What have we done right? Where have we failed? Where are we moving to in development cooperation? This report addresses these and many other crucial questions.

  • 28-September-2011


    Netherlands - DAC Peer Review of Development Co-operation

    The Netherlands is one of only five DAC members to have achieved the United Nations (UN) target of allocating 0.7% of its national income as official development assistance (ODA). Since 1975 it has surpassed this target every year.

  • 16-September-2011


    Investing in Security - A Global Assessment of Armed Violence Reduction Initiatives

    Conservative estimates indicate that at least 740 000 men, women, youth and children die each year as a result of armed violence, most of them in low- and medium-income settings. The majority of these deaths occur in situations other than war, though armed conflicts continue to generate a high incidence of casualties.   Approaches to preventing and reducing these deaths and related suffering are becoming increasingly important on

  • 18-July-2011


    Aid for Trade: Showing results

    This report shows how aid for trade is becoming a growing priority for an increasing number of developing countries and donors; And how aid for trade is being connected to the broader development agenda, with strategies and priorities increasingly focusing on competitiveness and trade-led economic growth, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 22-June-2011


    The United States - DAC Peer Review of Development Co-operation

    The United States is the world’s largest development and humanitarian donor by far. Its recent renewed ambition of global leadership on development is supported by new strategic orientations and ways to deliver development co-operation.

  • 21-June-2011


    Korea and OECD: Towards New Partnership and Leadership

    "Fifteen years of co-operation between the OECD and Korea are only a start of what I believe will be a long and mutually beneficial journey.", said Mr Gurría at the OECD-Korea celebration event.

  • 10-June-2011



    How to deliver better policies for better lives in the developing world? What is the real development challenge today for those living in poverty? Development has been a fundamental part of the OECD story for half a century, and it is providing new solutions for new challenges.

  • 6-June-2011

    English, , 730kb

    Framework for an OECD Strategy on Development

    This framework paper aims to articulate OECD’s broader approach to development as stated in the vision statement for the OECD 50th Anniversary Council Meeting at Ministerial level. It sets out the key elements of an OECD Strategy for Development to be elaborated for adoption by the OECD Council inJanuary 2012.

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