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  • 28-February-2013


    Aid in Support of Women's Economic Empowerment - Chapter 2

    Economic empowerment aims to raise the capacity of women and men to participate in, contribute to and benefit from growth processes in ways which recognize the value of their contributions, respect their dignity and make it possible to negotiate a fairer distribution of the benefits of growth.

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  • 28-February-2013


    Aid in Support of Gender Equality and Women's Empowerment: Statistical Overview - Chapter 1

    Statistical overview examining data on OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC) member aid flows that explicitly target gender equality and women's empowerment

  • 11-February-2013


    Promoting the Busan Building Block on Climate Finance and Development Effectiveness, 1 December 2012

    A side event was held at the UNFCCC 18th Conference of the Parties, to promote the Busan partnership on Climate Finance and Development Effectiveness - Doha, Qatar, 1 December 2012.

  • 6-February-2013


    Estimating the Constraints to Agricultural Trade of Developing Countries

    Agricultural trade can be a powerful engine for economic growth, poverty reduction, and development. However, efforts by developing countries to expand their agricultural trade are often hampered by domestic supply-side constraints such as lack of trade-related infrastructure. This report looks at some of the most important of these constraints, and features case studies from Indonesia, Zambia and Mozambique.

  • 29-January-2013


    Korea: a growing influence in the field of development co-operation

    An aid recipient less than two decades ago, Korea is now a donor and sharing its experience of how to use development co-operation as a catalyst to promote long-term sustainable growth in other countries.

  • 16-January-2013


    Aid for Trade: Achieving Success in a Changing Environment

    The Aid for Trade Initiative is trying to help least developing countries build their supply-side capacity and trade-related infrastructure so that they can further reap the benefits of trade, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 15-January-2013


    Aid for Trade Policy Dialogue 2013

    This OECD Policy Dialogue brought together a wide range of stakeholders - policy makers, practitioners, academics, private sector and civil society - from developing and developed countries. Participants discussed what needs to be done to continue delivering aid for trade results in this changing international environment for trade and development.

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  • 13-December-2012


    Joining the Development Assistance Committee (DAC)

    The DAC is the leading international forum for bilateral providers of development co-operation. Advanced and emerging economies have considerable experience to share and belong in the DAC. Accession to the DAC confirms a country's commitment to promoting international development.

  • Development finance reporting of countries beyond the DAC
  • Development Assistance Committee (DAC)
  • 6-December-2012


    Ministers pledge to finance effective development

    Development ministers from OECD and emerging economies met in London 4 - 5 December for the High Level Meeting of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee(DAC).

  • 4-December-2012


    OECD’s Contribution to International Development: Knowledge Sharing and Policy Coherence

    Secretary-General Angel Gurría outlined the OECD’s Contribution to International Development: Knowledge Sharing and Policy Coherence at the Joint Centre for Global Development/Africa All United Kingdom Parliamentary Group side event to the High Level Meeting Development Assistance Committee Meeting on “Europe: Aid and Beyond” in London.

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