Enhancing regional integration and development
through quality infrastructure and resilience

14 April 2017

Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Tokyo, Japan

Press release 14 April
"Ensuring quality infrastructure is a pressing priority in emerging Asia, say international
leaders gathered in Tokyo at the First OECD International Economic Forum on Asia

Opening Remarks by Angel Gurría - OECD Secretary-General
First International Economic Forum on Asia: “Enhancing Regional Integration and Development through Quality Infrastructure and Resilience"

Resilient infrastructure is essential for the sustainable development of developing and emerging economies. Infrastructure holds the potential to contribute to sustainable development by increasing regional connectivity and integration, by enabling the transition to a circular economy and by increasing countries' resilience to disasters. As countries in Asia become more prosperous and urbanised, the demand for quality infrastructure - from transport and waste management to power generation – will only increase. Meeting this demand will call for innovative forms of financing, and ensuring that the infrastructure that is developed is high quality will require shared understanding of standards.