Latin America and the Caribbean

Meeting of the Budgeting for Results Network in Jamaica


Hamlet Gutierrez presented the 2011 Latin American Economic Outlook in the VII Meeting of the Budgeting for Results Network, that took place in Kingston, Jamaica between 4-6 April 2011. Before an audience of Senior Budget Officials, the presentation focused on the results of the latest edition of LEO while detailing the undergoing work on fiscal issues in the Development Centre, ranging from tax-benefit analysis to fiscal legitimacy, pension reform and infrastructure.


Budget officials discussed the aftermath of the financial crisis, and how it impacted countries in the region in terms of budget management. The post-crisis experience underscored the next phase of reform in Latin America, specifically how to preserve hard-earned sound fiscal and budgetary practices while improving fiscal instruments to attach sufficient flexibility and preserving fiscal discipline.


The meeting allowed for the discussion of ongoing work with the Inter-American Development Bank and the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and Caribbean (ECLAC), which will be reflected in the 2012 Outlook, written jointly with ECLAC.


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