Entrepreneurship and Africa’s industrialisation

On the eve of its industrial revolution, Africa is confronting a triple challenge: create millions of decent jobs, protect the environment and substantially increase the productivity of its economies. It is confronting these challenges in the face of rapid technological changes and by relying on its immense human and natural resources. The success of Africa’s industrialisation strategies will depend largely on the quality of public policies by African governments – and to what extent these policies include a role for entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs in Africa are multifaceted: born by choice or necessity, operating in urban, rural and peri-urban areas, pursuing high - and low-tech paths.  So, which actors should be given priority? What type of programmes should be designed? What types of partnerships will be necessary? To what extent and how will entrepreneurs fuel Africa’s industrialisation?

The African Union Commission and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in partnership with the French Development Agency, invite you to explore these questions and more at the 17th International Economic Forum on Africa 2017.

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