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Working Paper on Making Reform Happen in Colombia


New working paper by Sebastián Nieto Parra, DEV Economist, and Mauricio Olivera, former Research Associate at Fedesarrollo, The Foundation for Higher Education and Development in Colombia, on Making reform in Colombia: the process of regional transfer reform.This paper was prepared for the Korea Development Institute and the OECD project on Making Reform Happen in Developing Countries to promote debate in Busan at the Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness.


This paper studies the interaction between different actors in the policy-making process of fiscal transfer reform in Colombia and shows that these economic contexts and institutional factors were fundamental in achieving this reform. Moreover, it confirms previous studies showing that communication and compensation strategies play a key role in the approval of reforms. Finally, it establishes that there is a need to improve the co-ordination of public policies at different levels of government.
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