Development Centre

The Development Centre at the First Business Forum of the Portuguese-speaking Community (CPLP)


At the invitation of the Portuguese Foreign Ministry, the Development Centre made two presentations to the First Business Forum of the Portuguese-speaking Community, held in Lisbon on June 27 and 28.

Some 500 participants, including ministers, diplomats and a large number of business women and men, heard Centre President Braga de Macedo talk about the common purpose of the Portuguese-speaking countries. The community was, he said, not in opposition to other regional and political groupings, but complementary to them. Colm Foy and Roberto Tibana (photo) also made brief presentations of their work on Cape Verde and Mozambique, respectively. Foy pointed to the value of foreign business partnerships, particularly with the Cape Verdian diaspora, while Tibana spoke about data collection and confidence building between the public and private sectors in Mozambique.

The Forum concluded with a proposal to create a Business Council for the Portuguese-speaking Community. The proposal was accepted by acclamation.


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